Mizunashi bridge


As most of the inner city rivers or canals have been covered, the means of transportation has drastically changed in modern Tokyo. The title of this image, including the “mizu-nashi” words (means “No water” in japanese language). speaks for itself. The twin peaked Mount Tsukuba is mimicked in this picture by the Yoyogi National Stadium with its two imposing columns tops serving as structural strung point for the suspended roof.


As legend has it, thousands of years ago, a deity descended from the heavens and asked two mountains for a place to spend the night. With its great summit and almost perfect cone, Mt. Fuji refused, believing with pride and arrogance that it does not need the deity’s blessings. Mt. Tsukuba, on the other hand, humbly welcomed the honoured guest, even offering food and water. Today, Mt. Fuji is a cold, lonely, and barren mountain, while Mt. Tsukuba bursts with vegetation and is filled with colors as the seasons change.