Cars along the Edo bridge Shutoko Highway


The Shutoko Expressway in Tokyo is a series of mostly elevated highways snaking their way through Tokyo. Many of the paths of the original Edo canals are nowadays surmounted by these highway tracks, still providing the same function of moving people and goods.


The expressway was built between 1962 and 1967, partly in preparation for the 1964 Summer Olympics. In 2009, Tokyo private industries proposed funding a project to dismantle the elevated expressway and put them underground. In May 2020, the Shuto Expressway Company received approval for plans to relocate 1.8 kilometres of the expressway underground between Kandabashi and Edobashi Junctions, in the area where the Nihonbashi Bridge is located. Construction will commence with the permanent closure of the Edobashi and Gofukubashi entrance and exit ramps on May 2021. Construction is expected to be completed in fiscal year 2040.