Busta’s terrace in Shinjuku


Since the times of Edo, Shinjuku area have been a bustling gateway to the city. Nowadays the flow of rail and road travelers connects at Busta Shinjuku (abbreviation from “Bus Terminal Shinjuku”). It provides landscaped terraces on its south side where travelers can relax amid some greenery: a big, broad plaza on the second floor, and a smaller terrace on the third floor with stairs joining the two levels. The plazas provide a view of the trains running beneath, the Yoyogi area, and access to the many shops and hotels of Shinjuku Southern Terrace.


In order to relieve the traffic around Shinjuku, Busta Shinjuku was established in April 2016. The bus stops that used to be scattered around have been collected in one place. The terminal is also connected to the railway system, becoming much more convenient for travelers.