Shinjuku east side gate


Since 1698, Naitō-Shinjuku had developed as a station on the Kōshū Kaidō, one of the major highways of that era. Heavy traffic of people and horses was amassing around this station where travelers were finding all kinds of services. The same atmosphere can be found today where taxis are stopping by Shinjuku east gate, access to the entertainment areas of the east side of the district.


Shinjuku is divided into Higashi (east) and Nishi (west) Shinjuku by the train lines that run through Shinjuku Station on the Yamanote Line. Nishi Shinjuku in particular exudes wealth and power with its towering skyscrapers. Among them are the majestic twin-towered Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, or ‘Tocho’, designed by the legendary architect Kenzo Tange, and occupied during the day by over 13,000 city administrative workers.