Gundam in Odaiba


The Edo shogunate ordered the construction of Odaiba fortresses for defending the Edo bay. In order to provide the soil for the construction, a large portion of Gotenyama had been dug away like in the original Hiroshige’s depiction. Nowadays the 18 meters tall Gundam Statue in the Odaiba area of Tokyo stands to protect the city!


Built in 2009 as part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, the figure statue is rendered in perfect detail, with familiar markings on the shoulders and torso, and stands with its metallic gray fists clenched as it towers above its surroundings. The statue comes equipped with a number of points which emit light while the head moves and also opens, as the model spews mist from its chest, in time to background music, when the Gundam is illuminated by lights at night between 5pm and 11pm.