View from Nakajin tower towards Shiodome park, Hama-rikyu


The circular window shape of one unit of the Nakajin Capsule tower and the small flower vase in the room offer a great visual reference to the image depicted by Hiroshige. Inside the contemporary urban landscape, rivers are replaced by highways.


Built in 1972, the Nakagin Tower has the first capsule architecture project, designed around the vision of an adaptable, dynamic, ever-changing architecture, where modules can be plugged into the central core, replaced or exchanged. The capsules were designed to house traveling business people that worked in central Tokyo; therefore, each unit measuring 4×2.5 meters contains the necessary amenities to accommodate one person. Although it represents a masterpiece of Metabolist architecture it might be headed for demolition due to the structure’s precarious state and incompatibility with current seismic standards.