Seido and Kanda river from Shohei bridge


A contemporary view from Shohei bridge, looking down the Kanda river. Along the steep banks the new business district arises. A fast metro train carries people across the city in a rainy day that reminds of the original Edo atmosphere depicted by Hiroshige.


Shohei Bridge is a bridge that has existed for a long time among the bridges over Surugadai and the Kanda River in Sotokanda. Surugadai and Hongodai were deep canyons, so the bridge was an important infrastructure across Kanda River. During the Edo period, the bridge was often maintained because of its wooden structure. The current bridge is a concrete arch bridge from the Taisho era. The lighting has been restored to its original state, and it has been selected as an important property for landscape town planning in Chiyoda Ward.