Dinosaur bridge, Skytree from Wakasu island


Located in an important gateway to the port and very close to Haneda International Airport, Tokyo Gate bridge is crossed by large ships and overflown by air traffic. Its design made it becoming a popular attraction and its sidewalk offers a view towards Tokyo Bay. The Skytree is visible, framed on the left side of the image, and serves as new symbol of the city like Mt.Fuji did in Hiroshige’s Edo.


The design fulfils the requirement to be high enough to allow large ships to pass underneath, but low enough not to interfere with air traffic to the nearby Haneda Airport. It is a double cantilever bridge, which means that the truss sections from either side can be completed in balance, and then joined by the addition of the relatively short central span. The resemblance of the bridge to two monsters facing off has given it the nickname of ‘Dinosaur Bridge’.

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