Bentendo Temple on Naka island, Shinobazu pond


Hidden almost completely by lotuses fully grown in summer who cover the entire surface of the water, Shinobazu pond hosts, right around its center, a small islet on which rests a Buddhist temple called the Bentendo. As Jūnisō Pond thrived as an entertainment center and summer retreat in Hiroshige’s time, Shinobazu Pond and the adjacent Zoo are one of the most visited touristic attractions and a charming green oases in Tokyo.


Shinobazu’s three main ponds – the Cormorant, Boat, and Lotus Ponds – are each named after their individual features. During the summer, the Lotus Pond is almost completely covered in lotus flowers, including a few species found nowhere else in Japan. The Boat Pond has boat rentals for those wanting a relaxing ride, while the Cormorant Pond is home to hundreds of birds, among them its namesake and species from the nearby Ueno Park Zoo.