Tokyo Hyaku Syncronicity, soundtracks by Cam Lasky.

Being inspired by Tokyo Hyaku project and Hiroshige‘s original work, the talented artist Cam Lasky, founder of KWAIOTO records, started to write and produce a collection of soundtracks related to the images. The sountracks collection runs under the name of Tokyo Hyaku Syncronicity.

Located in the heart of Kyoto Japan, KWAIOTO Records is an independent record company founded by producer Cam Lasky.  The Label pursues deepening and evolution of aesthetics of bass and beat on 140/70 BPM in dance music and soundtrack culture. As the label name suggests, the Label energetically releasing high depth tunes with the production philosophy of extracting the dark part of artists from his “blood” and “recollection” to create a sound image, summoning producers from all over the world..

Please visit KWAIOTO Records pages for information and more great tunes!   Apple Music / Beatport / Spotify

Syncronicity soundtracks will be included along the images to enrich Tokyo Hyaku’s experience!

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