Edo Tokyo 100

Shizuoka, November 28th 2017 – February 4th 2018

The very first Tokyo Hyaku exhibition was held at one of the most important museums dedicated to Hiroshige Utagawa’s work. The exhibition, divided in two parts, allowed to show a selection of Tokyo Hyaku images along with the original works by Hiroshige, in order to discover Edo with Hanga and revisit Tokyo through photographs.

Homage to Hiroshige

Tokyo, 8th 2018 – May 20th 2018

The second exhibition featured Tokyo Hyaku‘s images together with the reproductions of the original Hiroshige’s work, brought to life in the present day by the carvers and printers of the Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints who have mastered the advanced production techniques of Ukiyo-e that have continued from the Edo period.


Tokyo, January 5th 2018 – January 21st 2018

Tokyo Hyaku‘s images were featured during the first Fujisanten collective exhibition, organised by Startbahn. The exhibition features creators of various genres challenging the representation of “Mt. Fuji”, one of the most iconic symbols of Japan.

Life is art – Tokyo exhibition

November, 4th 2022 – December 4th 2022
LIFE IS ART, conceived by TENOHA MILANO with the support of the TOKYO Metropolitan Government, make visitors discover different aspects of this wonderful city and its stories through three special episodes. As the first episode, TOKYO HYAKU exhibition presents 34 selected images, in the TENOHA Pop Up. Tokyo Hyaku welcomes the viewer for a journey through the city of “Edo | Tokyo ”enjoying its gentle fluctuation of time.
119 images

Tokyo Hyaku project's body of work consist of 119 photographic prints.

4 seasons of the year and multiple themes

Tokyo Hyaku's exhibition can be split by seasons of by any recurring topic, featuring a portion of the total images.

Parallel with Hiroshige's work

Tokyo Hyaku can be exhibited standing alone or in parallel with original Hiroshige prints or reproductions.

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